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We’ve got this game down to a science. Find the basketball resources you need to improve your game.

The Hoops Lab provides drills, scaffolded instruction, and age appropriate instructional tips for kids and your coaches in the great game of basketball. We want to share our life lessons learned through coaching youth, educating kids, parenting & playing. Let us walk through this basketball journey with you.


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The Hoops Lab Why

  • The Hoops Lab believes in the journey of becoming your best self and basketball player.
  • We want to be your basketball resource. We are experienced educated and organized.
  • We believe in the lifelong lessons and relationships developed through this great game.
  • Finally, we want to be your resource that ensures your kids are getting the best practice coaching.

About The Hoops Lab

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    Warmup / Foundational Drills

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    Shooting Fundamentals

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    Shots off the Catch

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    Shots Off the Dribble

  • Ball Screens

    Ball Screen Moves/Reads

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    Ball Handling

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    Team Drills

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    Quick Talks / Coaches Corner

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    Free Videos

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    Create Practice Plan


The Hoops Lab has researched techniques from Hall of Fame coaches, collegiate trainers and professional players. We have made these skills grade appropriate with:

  • Sequenced Drills

  • Demonstrated drills by beginner, intermediate, and advanced players

  • Cognitive coaching points (age appropriate)

  • Practice plan construction

  • Goal Setting


The Hoops Lab Basketball Shooting Drills and Practice Plans
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One on One Basketball Coaching and Training


  • The Hoops Lab trains individuals and teams.

  • The Hoops Lab can train all age and skill levels

  • See about the Hoops Lab coming to you

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